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The website will be going through major construction in the next few months. The main page will continue to be update throughout the construction (event dates and information). Please continue to visit us and thank you for your patients.

                                                                                                                       -The Webmaster (01/09/04)

unMet News!

Upcoming Shows

"Ties that Bind: A Musical Celebration for Martin Luther King Day"                                  February 16th 2004 First and Second Church 66 Marlborough Street Boston. 4:00pm Tickets $10.00 ($5.00 for Children and Seniors)

"Grand Dammes"        Featuring Cynthia Miles Gray, D'Anna Fortunato, Kim Bolling, Eric Sussman, and Maury Wheeler Saturday January 31st 2004 8:00pm Jordan Hall: New England Conservatory of Music Tickets $15.00 (Box Office 617-536-2412)

Many Thanks!

Opera unMet has Sponsors! We have received funds and other help in bringing you the magic of Opera unMet...! Please visit our Sponsor Page to see our largest contributors.


unMet CDs for sale. We recently went into the studio and recorded our well received celebration of Martin Luther King Day, "The Ties that Bind".
At long last, they're here! Please call to order: 617-445-7669.