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Opera unMet is committed to enhancing young minds in all kinds of environments. We have always encouraged youth to participate in our productions. Our productions that are specifically created for children are designed to be mentally interactive and physically hands on.

We want children at an early age to understand all levels of theater production and performance. We want them to participate as well as be entertained.

To this end, our productions of Puppets and Little People and Cinderella encourage the students, teachers and parents to collaborate in everything from set decoration to actual parts in the play.

We offer productions for kids from all walks of life and feel that there is no better joy than providing children with tools and materials by which they can recognize their self worth. We feel that the earlier children are exposed to music, the better.

This year Opera unMet is collaborating with The Wilhauer School, a charter school on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor. We are introducing music to the curriculum of the six through eighth grade boy's school. We are also providing the kids the opportunity to perform with unMet in some of their mainstage productions. You will be able to see the boys in Amahl and the Night Visitors, The Magic Flute and in unMet's Jordan Hall broadway production Elegant Contradictions.

Each year, Opera unMet identifies talented youth and encourages them with free music lessons and participation in company performances. This year, we have identified Charles Butler as recipient of this scholarship which will provide him with piano and musical theory lessons. The talented eleven year old will also be seen in Amahl and the Night Visitors and Elegant Contradictions.