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These are just a few of the comments we have received...

Regarding our March 17, 2001 performance of Mozart's
 Magic Flute

"After the show, I asked my daughters (ages 3 and 5) if they had liked the show, and the answer was 'We loved it!'  They are still talking about how Papageno danced with them, how beautiful
Princess Pamina was, and how high the Queen of the Night's voice was.  I only wish you had more than one showing of The Magic Flute -- I would send all my friends to see it."

Regarding our Jan. 15, 2001 performance of Ties That Bind, our annual Martin Luther King Day celebration

"First, they broke the barrier between performer and audience and secondly, their setting for each song was so delightful, it took you by surprise.  Opera unMet's unique approach to even the most traditional material touched a chord in each listener."
-- Bay State Banner, January 25, 2001
Read the entire review.

Regarding our December, 1999 performance of Amahl and the Night Visitors

"I attended the performance at the Lexington UU Church on the 18th with six friends. We all loved it!! Amazing voices. It was the perfect antidote to the frenzy of the season. Please put me on your mailing list (if you have a mailing list) and I will continue to check your website."

Regarding our August 19th, 1998 performance at the Hatch Shell

"...the whole thing was an absolute class act! It was great to be in the audience and see how much people - families especially - were loving it. As the evening got later, smaller children were snuggling in their parents arms, and the parents were cuddling their kids while rapt (wrapped?) in the performance. The look on everyone's face seemed to say,
'What a perfect summer's evening'."

"That was a great concert, even though you didn't give my idol, Cynthia [Miles Gray], enough to sing. Her rendition of Desdemona's aria was quite moving. Other highlights [for me]: the one who sang Mimi (and other things) [Elizabeth Kennedy] and your Queen of the Night - I haven't heard that sung as sharply or accurately on any of the three occasions I've seen The Magic Flute at the Met. It was nice to see Francis Hester after all these years. I remember when he was the bass of choice in any Handel oratorio around these parts. ... thanks for a great evening."